Monday, 5 January 2015


If you like YA and horror these are the books for you. Red Eye is a horror series from Stripes Publishing, an imprint of Little Tiger Press, who have four books in the series.

A group of teenagers get together for a 'revision party' and take a study aid pill, FokusPro, to help them get through exam stress. The wonder drug proves to be a hit until the nightmares begin.

Izzy's an outsider but manages to 'get in' with the group when she moves into an apartment, part of the Barbican estates, the setting for Sleepless. They experience terrifying hallucinations, paranoia along with the constant fear of falling asleep, because if they can stay awake they can stay alive long enough for the drug to lose its effects. However, Izzy's friends are being murdered. Who will be next?

A thrilling chase with gore to boot.

Sophie's friend dies suddenly and she goes to stay the summer with family in a Scottish island, Skye, but it's not a peaceful place. There's a dark past to the house she stays in, and then there's the porcelain dolls.

Is it a coincidence that things go wrong after using a Ouija-board app? Sophie feels guilty about her friend, Jay, and her troubles don't end there. In Skye her cousins have their own problems - physical and psychological - to deal with, which effect the household, and no one wants to speak about Rebecca, their dead sister.

The dolls. I'm staying clear of those tiny, creepy things.

Sam and his parents move to Prior Mews, which neighbours Bierce Priory, the home to an influential, wealthy family in the area. Their nocturnal activities pique his curiosity as well as the strange behaviour effecting those he encounters, including his parents. Are they colluding in a secret or is it something else?

It's when he drags his new school friends to investigate the house that gross discoveries are revealed. Get the hell out of there!

You never can tell what goes on behind closed doors.

Shocking yet fascinating.

Gabe's family need money and he's found a way to get a lot of it. His innocent find is exciting at first, but then it lands him into a heap load of trouble. The treasure has a past and it's catching up with him, and the demon will not rest until it's demands are met.

Like an Indian Jones quest, Gabe risks his life to be in possession of the treasure, because death follows it like a curse, yet he must appease the dead to stay alive, and keep his friends and family safe.

A thrilling and hell raising ride through the streets of Los Angeles.

I read these books on Kindle, but as they're due to come out in paperback this year I will be buying my copies. The covers are great.

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  1. Thanks for the book recommendations, Debbie. Happy New Year!