Sunday, 27 October 2013

HELLO Book Signing

No, not mine. I went to my first book signing event. It was the brilliant YA author, Patrick Ness. He was one of many authors on my list of books to read. I'd gone into Waterstones to buy The Knife of Never Letting Go and found out from the website, later, that he was doing a talk about his new book: More Than This, and a signing. Wonderful.


There were lost of teens/students there as well as adults. It was great to hear an author reading from his book, though he said he didn't like to do this, or be read to. It reminded him of how is father, a preacher, would read The Hungry Caterpillar like he was reading a sermon. He read, anyhow, the first three pages of his new book.

Patrick answered questions about this and his other books including: Chaos Walking trilogy and A Monster Calls; as well talking about screen plays, and discussions about The Knife of Never Letting Go film (? watch this space!).

An hour later, we were all queuing up for our books to be signed. I think some parents saw this as great Christmas present opportunity with arms cradling all this books.

I would recommend going to such an event.

Have you been to any? I'd love to know.


  1. Oh wow - you lucky think you!! Not only a book signing but a talk as well - that's brilliant! I think the last time I queued for a couple of hours was to get a my copy of Beyond Uhura signed by the lady herself- a stunning and amazingly glamourous Nichelle Nichols! Take care

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  3. I have been to several book signings, and each one was an inspiring experience. From Carolyn Rose (a local author) to the well-known author, Cassandra Clare, each author was well worth the wait!

    It sounds like your experience was with an awesome author, Debbie!

    1. It might be you signing next time.