Saturday, 29 June 2013

HELLO Yellow

Yellow car! Yellow car!

If I tell you about this game you must come back and tell me, if you agree, that it is FUN!

A few years ago I was driving my car and said to my daughter, 'you don't see many yellow cars.' Low and behold, did a yellow car appear round the bend. True. 'Right, let's see how many yellow cars we can get on our travels.' Heck. Even on our short journey we got a few. We couldn't believe it.

We didn't play it every time, but when we did it was 10 points for the first to spot a yellow car. I revisited the game this week and got a massive 190 whilst at work. I'm a community nurse so I cover lots of miles and, of course, see lots of cars.

There are no hard and fast rules. Yellow Car includes cars and vans; parked or on the move. I'd love to play it in New York, but it'd be cheating, because taxis and buses aren't included.

Other colours to try are pink and orange. These seem to be pretty rare at the mo.