Wednesday, 3 April 2013

HELLO Quarter Full - The Bookworm Library

I thought I'd review the first quarter of 2013. Already? I can't believe it either.

I've read 16 books: 13 fiction, 3 non-fiction. How do I pick a favourite out of this stack? Well, out of these, 6 were from my classics list. I have chosen The Golem, by Gustav Meyrink, the Gothic tale set in Prague reviewed here.

There were 4 re-reads: The Coins of Judas, Animal Farm and Lord of the Flies. Come Closer, by Sara Gran topped the bill. A story about Amanda, who changes after hearing tapping in her converted loft apartment. A scary story.

From non-fiction: Brain on Fire and Revision and Self-editing for Publication. I found Anthony Peake's philosophical look at time a fascinating read. I've read a few of his books and they are unputdownable.

The stumbled upon book I enjoyed was The Victorian Chaise Longue. Melanie, who is recovering from TB, travels back in time after falling asleep on her chaise-longue. She finds herself in the body of sick Milly, a Victorian, but is it a dream? Another scary (short) story.

I've picked Lord of the Flies as my favourite children's book. I haven't read many of these so far.

So, the time has come to pick an over all winner. Ta ta ta ta ta taaaaaaaaa!

It was difficult because I really like The Golem and The Victorian Chaise Longue. It was the latter that tipped it for me.



  1. A bookworm you are, dear Debbie. I may have to put Victorian Chaise Longue on my TBR list - thanks!

    1. Tell me what you think, if you do.

  2. Oh wow!!!!! You are totally amazing and love your eclectic choices too!! Thanks for sharing! Take care