Sunday, 22 July 2012

HELLO Hello Hello

I've been away a while, but still in the electronic sphere. After 'umming' and 'arhing' about authonomy, I decided I would upload some of my completed MS- The Junk Room on to:

Authonomy (from HarperCollins) is a community for book lovers, writers and publishers to gather, and discover the best in books. There is the editors desk, where the five top ranked books, at the end of the month, are read and reviewed. Books have been signed up, so I wouldn't think this was just a pipe dream, however, it isn't a regular occurrence. Reader reviews/comments are generally beneficial in helping writers home in on their work, creating a tight and polished MS.

I joined authonomy two years ago, but hadn't got 10,000 words to upload. I'd just heard about NaNo, but it was too late in the day to join. So the following year, I aimed to do NaNo 2011 and upload some of the completed MS.  As some of you may know, I completed the MS and have recently picked it up again after letting in marinade for six months.

Well, I've done it now and have been pleased with the comments, which have been very helpful. Of course there is a lot of 'playing-the-game' going on, but I'm getting what I want from this experience.

So, I've been over there, reading books or just chapters, giving reviews, as well as continuing to edit /revise my work. I will be coming back to blogging, but like many of you out there there's still the MS to tweek, which takes up a lot of precious time.

One of the initial fun things to do, whilst setting up on authonomy, was the book cover. This is my design that I created with the help of my daughter, who sorted out the text. Just a few things I had in the house that I photographed.

Below is the pitch/blurb.

Would you read this book? (YA fiction: paranormal/supernatural/fantasy)

A locked door. An empty room. And then there's Jack...
Sam is sixteen, and three months ago her life changed: her parents died. She has to move in with her sister, Karen, in her new home, in a new town. When Karen offers her the locked junk room as her den, Sam finds it's more than just an empty white room. Instead, she discovers a jumbled world of memories; of life and death, and something in between. 

And then there's Jack... 

There are things in the house that the previous owners have kept hidden, and one thing that has an influence over those who encounter it. When Sam and her best friend, Beth, find it, a young girl, Sally, shows them the demonic effects the dark influence has over her - she's not the only one. All she wants is to get home. It's not going to be easy when people aren't what they appear to be.


  1. Lovely Debbie!! The book cover is beautiful and the blurb is well - WOWZA!!!! Ooooh dark and creepy and emotional and ever so scary. You mention Jack only once!! I'm wanting to know more!! Yay!!

    Good luck at authonomy!! Ignore the game players - they suck the fun out of it all!! Take care

  2. Debbie - I totally love your pitch, and your cover! I would definitely read this book. Congratulations on all your hard work...a lovely result! Wishing you all the Best!

  3. Thanks, Old Kitty and Victoria. I've found it liberating having people read some of my work and share their opinions of it.

    My biggest test is yet to come. I'm letting my 15 year old daughter read it! Will let you know what she thinks.

  4. The book cover looks great! It sounds like a great book to read.

  5. The book cover looks fab and yes, I'd pick it up. Your tag line is really interesting and well written to grab attention. And your blurb - I am more than intrigued. Sounds like you have a winner here! Tons of good wishes and luck to you over at Authonomy.

  6. Hi Debbie I knew you hadn't been around lately. I hope the book writing is going well. Your cover looks amazing and the blurb intriguing.