Wednesday, 23 May 2012


Last month I posted about editing/revising of my WIP - The Wind Knows My Name. Well, because I'd gone straight from first draft to editing, I decided I would leave it to steep awhile and let the flavour develop.


I'm now working on the first draft of last years NaNo - The Junk Room. It's been in a cupboard six months.


I read through it and surprised myself - in a good way - at what I'd written. 'Oh, yeah. That's what happens,' I was thinking, as if I'd never read it before. Had I really forgotten parts of the story? I'm not sure it's the right decision, but I'm in the process of changing it from third to first person. It's YA fiction and on reflection, Sam (Samantha) - MC - sounds better in this POV.

That's where I'm at. To be continued...

Other News? A win and a link.

Well, my name was picked out of a hat by Caroline Smailes, who was giving away e-copies of Qualities of Wood by Mary Vensel White, published by HarperCollins (digital imprint). HarperCollins is behind the online writing community - authonomy - where Mary and her book was spotted. Though I joined this site a couple of years ago, I didn't  upload any work as I hadn't written anything over the required minimum word count (10,000 words). The plan, at the time, was to do NaNo and upload it. 

                                                                            FULL CIRCLE                                                      

The hope is that the like-minded community will read my work and review it, and vice versa. Isn't that what writers require in exchange? Opinions? I'm in two minds about sharing my work on there, which is a bit daft when I've put my short stories on my blog for all to see. I guess it's because this is a novel (my first), and they tend to be precious, don't they?

What are your views on authonomy and similar sites? Have you joined any? If not, would you consider this an option?


  1. Yay for the Junk Room and getting all excited about it again - looks like it's a keeper! Good luck with it!

    I used to be with youwriteon when it first started - you upload chapters and rate and review others. Another site was Writewords (paid for membership) again I joined when it was all new and just starting out (5/6 years ago) and the feedback I got personally from both sites were invaluable. But I left just as the sites were growing a little insular and cliquey (just my opinion btw, just my experience). I think authonomy started at the same time - I never joined but I do know a few youwriteon/writewords members who did join. Very mixed reviews as to their usefulness though, so I don't know really. But I think any feedback from structured sites dedicated to constructive feedback should be good exposure. My experience - initially amazing and really helpful - was ultimately spoiled by a a very vocal and busy few who decided to use the forums/feedback to snipe and bully. Again please note these were my own experiences, truly! LOL!

    Good luck finding the right (write?!) site for you! Take care

    1. Thanks for the insight. I've not been active on authonomy, but from what I have read about some sites, it's - like you say - the cliques and snipes that can bring it down. I will have to do a little exploring, me thinks.

  2. I have not joined authonomy, but it is something to at least research. I know very little about that type of site. Thanks, Debbie.
    (I love your teapots!)

    1. Thanks, Victora. I love tea, but that cherry cake one holds a gazillion cups. I searched everywhere for the tea-for-one(and a bit)teapot.

  3. muy interesante.

    Un saludo muy cariƱoso.