Tuesday, 17 January 2012

HELLO Cats, Moon and Memories

Can I link these? Yes I can.
What links Cats to the Moon? Memories.

I love how the mind works; how it makes connections That great computer that stores information. We look out at the world through our eyes and interpret life through our senses, and store it all as memories.

Memories, all alone in the moonlight.
What a great song

Destination Moon.

The other day, I was watching Destination Moon- a sci-fi film from 1950- and it all seemed a little familiar to me. No, I've never been to the Moon. Mars maybe, but not the Moon. Well, it suddenly came to me then. After all this time, I remembered the name of the BBC Radio serial that I'd heard as a teen, and loved so much.

Journey into Space.

Of course I'm talking about Journey into Space-Operation Luna -the 1958 sci-fi radio drama, featuring Jet Morgan, Mitch, Doc and Lemmy.

NB When I said I listened to this as a teen, it was a rerun, okay, in 1989. I was 17.

Anyway, I may have recorded them onto a cassette at the time, and threw them out years later. I often thought about getting the CD box set, but could never remember what the show was called. Then, of course, time passed, and the memories of the said serial were packed in a faraway nook of my mind.

Memory storage and retrieval.

I've seen many sci-fi films since 1989-they are my favourite films-but non triggered me to remember the title of the show.

Here's what all the fuss was about. I found this great site: Old Time Radio Fan, which has all the adventures: Operation Luna, The Red Planet, and The World in Peril. I've just started listening to Operation Luna and am at episode three of twelve. I could listen to all of the thirty minute episodes in one sitting, but that'd spoil the fun. They were aired as weekly shows after all. I treat myself to an episode once I've reached my target word count.

Have a listen if you wish, and tell me what you think.
BTW. What's your favourite sci-fi film? It's no joke; it's Total Recall.


  1. Oh how wonderful!! What a find!! What a memory!! Thank you so much Debbie - you're truly a font of all things quirky interesting - I am now listening to the first episode - it's brilliant!

    My favourite sci-fi film? I have two:

    Aliens and Galaxy Quest.Yay!

    Take care

  2. Thanks Old Kitty.

    I hope you enjoy listening to the show.

    I've seen Aliens with the brilliant Sigourney Weaver, but not Galaxy Quest. I'm sure Ripley was to be played by a guy, but I can't think who. It really would not have been the same film.

  3. Thank you for sharing that brilliant website! I've bookmarked it for future listening. :)

    Memories in Cats makes me cry. Such a wonderful song.

  4. That song is so emotional. It makes me sniffle.

    Enjoy listening to the space adventures.

  5. I often think of my memory as a tableful of little men, sitting in a circle, rapidly discussing what to send me next.

  6. I love that idea, Pamela. Maybe some of them use email, and others post mail, which would explain our memory recall.

  7. I love how with the internet you can find things that were long lost!

    I love sci fi too, but I tend not to listen to things unless I have to because my ears aren't up to much!

  8. Yep. The internet is the great source of instant information that we couldn't life without.

  9. Great links. I adore Sci Fi films and particularly Galaxy Quest, which is not just a spoof but a great story in itself.
    I also enjoyed the most recent Star Trek Film and the M in B films.

    Also Check out: The Church Mice and the Moon (Picturemac) by Graham Oakley (Paperback - 10 Nov 1989)

  10. Star Wars, of course! (Episode 4, btw). I loved some of the Star Trek films (the 4th one where they go back for the whale is closely tied with Wrath of Khan).

  11. Madeleine, I just caught the back end of Galaxy Quest this weekend. I missed a good film.

    I'll check out that book when I'm next in Waterstones.

    Donna, Star Wars and Star Trek are great films. I liked The Search for Spock film.

    Since posting, it looks like we could be walking on the moon again in 2020. I'm not sure I'd want to go.

  12. I agree with Kitty and Madeleine about Galaxy Quest. It's such a fun film! I like my films to be upbeat. More recently I enjoyed the film Paul. It's a bit darker but still fun.