Wednesday, 31 August 2011


He wouldn’t go.

Neither of us wanted the time to come for the final farewell; but it had come. And gone. I’d envisioned a scene from that David Lean film. You know the one, set in the 40’s, black and white, lots of smoke and trains. I’ve got it now; Brief Encounter, starring Celia Johnson, Trevor Howard and Rachmaninoff. It was the melodramatic cinematography rather than the content of the film that I’d imagined. I was not an emotional Laura with angst, but like Laura, I believed in love.

We’d grown old together; me, him and the café we were sat in. The flaking paint on the window frames and skirting boards mirrored that of my bitten nails; together chipped and in need of TLC. I rubbed my hands as if that would buff up a bit of life into them.

He just stared into his cold coffee and stirred it occasionally with a tea-stained spoon. He didn’t take sugar, but he kept on stirring, as if the imaginary granules refused to dissolve. When I looked at him, shoulders slumped; like that misshapen pillow he refused to throw away; I shared his sorrow.

A group of teenagers come in all regaled in their New Romantic tartan and flouncy blouses, and headed for the counter to order. One of them yanked at another’s earplugs causing it to disconnect from the iPhone. The recognisable 80’s synthpop emanated at too-loud decibels. It was Duel by Propaganda; a song from my youth. I smiled at them thinking been-there-done-that-got-the t-shirt-etc. It’s funny how things come round.

I grabbed his hand. He looked up at me as I stood up to leave.

‘It’s time to go, love,’ I said.

I looked at my watch, and he looked at the station clock. We’d been there an hour. He didn’t want to leave. So, we’d sat in the sad café, not talking, just reminiscing, about how different our lives would be now, without Lucy. She had adventures to create for herself at university, while we contemplated the fact that we only had each other to look after.

He seemed deep in thought and then smiled briefly. He took my hand in his and pulled me along in a hurry.

‘Come on, love. Lucy was right.’

‘Where are we going?’

‘I think it’s the right time.’

‘For what?’

‘We’re off to the rescue home. There’s a dog there waiting to be loved.’

Tuesday, 30 August 2011

HELLO The Wonders Of Plastic

I often wonder, when I am older (much older), if I would wear a certain type of headgear that I saw two ladies wearing the other day.

I was driving through my home town and despite the rain, there were quite a lot of people shopping. It was also market day, so many older residents were about. Two older ladies crossed the road at the traffic lights, each with a couple of plastic bags in hand, full of shopping, and both wear plastic rain scarves.

Those scarves always make me chuckle when I see them. Why are they transparent? It's almost like they're meant to be invisible.

Reminds me of Wonder Woman in her invisible jet plane; there but not really there. Let us all just pretend.

Friday, 26 August 2011

HELLO I've Got A Doppleganger Machine

Yesterday, I spent the day answering the phone and dealing with concerned carers and their relatives; collegues requesting phone numbers, and making referrals to healthcare professionals. It makes for an interesting respite in the week from visiting patients. It's part of the job; co-ordinating once or twice a month.

When the vists for the next day were allocated, I was told I had quite a high number of patients to see.

I said, 'It's okay. I have a doppleganger machine at home.'

'What's one of them.'

'You know what a doppleganger is?'


'It's someone who looks like you; a double. What I'll do is pass through the machine in the morning and then me and me will be able to get my work done in half the time.'

'Good idea. Don't go through too many times. I won't know which one's really you.'

If only.

But if I did have such a machine, I think I'd sell it to the NHS; get us some more nurses.

Wednesday, 24 August 2011

HELLO Metamorphosis of the Bookworm

Thanks to fairyhedgehog (and the Yorkshire Post) I am now fully up to date with the changing face of the Bookworm. No longer the timid, insular, fantasist; rather, someone who relates to people and can handle life and its variety of problems.

Obviously I understand this because I read a lot of fiction. (Tee Hee!)

Tuesday, 23 August 2011

HELLO Bookworm and Kindle

The remnants of my Holiday are lingering in the background. Barely there, really. But, every know an then, I start to recall things I was doing this time last week. One of things I got round to doing was reading.

Being a Bookworm means Holidays are a great thing; free time to get involved in a story or two. I took my Kindle with me this time. When the Kindle (and the like) came out, I do believe I said, 'I will never get one of those. I love the smell and the feel of a book too much to read off an electronic screen, It's something like Ford Prefect's Guide Book; not to the Galaxy, but to the library.' Something like that, anyway. But I got one and I really like the thing.


I'm writing a teen/young adult book and so reading from that range is beneficial. The Kindle means I can read cheaply, without the hassle of storage;

I can go on Holiday with more novels without the worry of weight restrictions;

You can get some real bargains including free books, how good is that!

And lastly, you can have a rummage; morning, noon or night, click 'buy' and ten seconds later you have a book to read.

Here are the books I read on Holiday.

The story of Gwen and Alfie unfolds during Christmas at Alfie's family home, Creake Hall. Gwen, who is alone in the world, becomes involved in her boyfriend's family and their secrets.

I liked this book, set in a house, full of great characters and their untold stories, that Gwen slowly teases out, like the thread from the quilt.

A familiar stranger comes into Caz's life and sets to 'rock' her world. She restores rocking horses and he's a rock star, thought dead for three years. Caz plays detective as she tries to find out who killed Ric.

A fast paced read with a mix of romance, humour, crime and mystery. The characters were easy to love and some I switched alliances as the story drove on.

I'm looking forward to reading another of her books; Replica.

Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hola. Como estas? Bien.

Ah! Why is it that holiday memories fade so quickly once you get back to work? It's not really the memories that fade, more the experience of being 'away' that does. You are living in another reality. The reality called Holiday.

My Holiday was in Nerja in Spain, about an hours drive from Malaga along the Costa del Sol. We arrived to an Eveready sun, showing out at 30+ degrees; very impressive. Who could tire of the sun? When it got too hot in the shade, we cooled off in the sea or by the pool.

Ice-creams were a daily requirement and who could fault the availability and choice. There was enough to make Willie Wonker jealous, I can assure you. I recommend mango. El helado de mango es bueno. The toasted jamon y queso sandwiches were a good lunchtime snack whilst tapas and fish were great evening meals to end the day.

It is true that reality changes when we are self-indulgent. On Holiday, time stretches. The days are long and one week seems like two, and two weeks like a month. Life outside the Holiday world ticks over as a peripheral  reality, barely acknowledged by us travellers, as we are blinkered by the sun, sea, food and leisure.

And then we have to leave.

Back home to temperate climes, where as each day passes, the stored heat of Spain is sieved from our bodies. By the end of the week, the old thin fleece has emerged from the coat hook.

I'm back to work. Back to the routine. Thinking of the next Holiday.

Wednesday, 17 August 2011

HELLO Dentist

I did have another blog on the go called I am Swan, which I have just transferred to its own page on Bookworm Bites Back (BWBB). All part of the revamp. There will be more correspondence from Swan in the near future.

Today, I have had a jaw-breaking experience. I hate to use this word -literally- but it was literally that. At a time I should have been enjoying a leisurely day off work, I found myself prone where I stayed for 1 1/2 hours. With my mouth open, obviously. Sorry, did I say I went to the dentist? I went to the dentist this morning for a root canal.

Well, I'd only ever had a couple of fillings when I was younger, so this was a new experience for me, and one I shall not be having again. (Hopefully). The injection was fine and lasted for 6 hours, though this left me unable to drink properly without feeling as if I had a hole in the side of my face. Also, as I had to pick up the Kerrang! magazine (for my daughter) from the local shop, I became conscious that my face was lopsided, and my need to appear happy with my lot was lost in my tragic smile/grimace. When I got home I looked in the mirror and it was all good; parallel but numb.

I kept my eyes closed for the duration listening to Gossip. Specifically, Beth Ditto singing Standing In The Way Of Control, repeatedly in my radio-head. This was interspersed by Manfred Mann's Ho Ho Said The Clown. At least my own musings were less grating on the ear than the drill-of-a-thousand-mice-scraping-their-nails-on-a-chalkboard. I cringed. Inwardly. Didn't want the dentist's hand to slip.

Just when I thought it wouldn't end; the drilling, the pulling, the scraping and pushing. It was all over, bar the singing from the checkout. When I said  jaw-breaking, I had visions of me like this. And then I got the bill. Well, you can imagine.

Tuesday, 16 August 2011


Wow! Ten months since I started this blog. I'm glad I did it. I've redecorated Bookworm Bites Back today (still in progress) and dusted some cobwebs from the corners, and now you will note, I am including my voice along with my fiction.

In the past few months that I have been away from Blogworld, I have been attending to other things that I will share with you in my Hello. I hope you will continue to enjoy.