Saturday, 5 November 2011

HELLO NaNo Day 5

Today I met up with some fellow NaNoers at a write-in, in Cafe Nero's. We drink coffee, chatted, but mostly we were writing. I stayed for three hours and managed just short of 2000 words. Current tally is 11321.

One of the things I've learnt from today is that I might find it easier to type the novel straight on to my Netbook. Why? Because it will save time. NaNo is all about writing within a given time period-a month- and time is very precious. I think for my other novels, I will continue with my usual regimen; to hand write, and then type up later.

Also, writing in a cafe or library; away from familiar distractions, really boosts your word count. Probably a cafe is better because of the endless supplies of food and drinks.  

I'll be brief. I have 11321 words to type up.

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  1. Well done you!! Keep going and enjoy the coffee! Take care