Thursday, 3 November 2011

HELLO NaNo Day 3

So far, so good (6,400 words). I'm just glad I have a plan to write to; I'd be lost without one.

It's good to have a daily target, and also something to look forward to. I'm still managing to read, and at the mo it's Veronica Roth's YA novel, Divergent. Loving this. I had a look at her blog and found this gold piece of advice for NaNo.

That's just what I needed to read about. Write, write, write, and once the race is won, edit to your heart's content. It sounds simple, but am sure you writers out there all know how hard that is.

Have I mentioned my writing tools? Well, I'm a big fan of the black covered, plan page moleskine books. They might be pricey at £14.99 (something like that), but I think it makes a difference in the writing process; having something nice to write on. I've used these for a few years now and I won't be using anything else. Unless, that is, some freaky thing happens, and they stop producing them. It happened once. Reminds me of a Paul Auster novel, Oracle Night. He is a favourite author of mine and this book is brrrrrilliant!

Well, I suppose the choice of pen makes up for the cost of the moleskine. A few years ago, when I decided I was going to write a novel, Hubby bought me a lovely Cross pen for Christmas. It quickly ran out and I never got a refill for it (should have, really). Since then, I used whatever came to hand. Until, that is, I picked up one of my daughters, and it writes like a dream. It's just a simple black, ballpoint pen from WHSmith, and comes in a packet of 15. What a bargain.

So, I'm writing long hand and will type it up on Scrivener on a weekend (maybe). I've also discovered Evernote, an Android app (I know what one is now). I have it on my Netbook and mobile and I've found it invaluable.

I seem to have overrun on the short NaNo post update. Oh well. Back to writing more words for The Junk Room (the novel).


  1. I'm in super duper awe that you are writing your novel first by hand before typing! WOW!! Well good for you and all the best with your nano-ing!

    Take care

  2. Doesn't everyone do that? Yep, I must be mad. For me, there is something in the process of writing, pen on paper, that gets the story flowing.

    Thanks, Old Kitty, as always, for your kind words.

  3. I'm also impressed by the longhand! How does that impact your story, I wonder? I imagine that my story might be different in subtle ways if I wrote it longhand the first time through. Or, am I romanticizing?