Sunday, 16 October 2011

HELLO Wish You Were Here

Wow! I can't believe it. What a wonderful surprise.

I left my blog unread for nearly two days, due to this lovely fellow. Am better now, so decided to log on. What did I see? Well, I've a short story published in Postcard Shorts.

Have a read here.

How could I have forgotten about this? I submitted it about a month ago and with initial excitement, regularly checked the email for a response. I didn't get one, but noticed their web address on the 'traffic source.' I'll definitely submit again after NaNo.

Thanks Old Kitty, whose blog I read about this fun idea. Have a go. It's harder than you think.


  1. Congrats. It's always a thrill having a story published. :-)

    Fickle Cattle

  2. Oh no - evil shoes!! LOL!! Oh but you cannot have too many shoes, you simply cannot! Yay for your wonderful story - I really enjoyed it! Take care

  3. Thanks Fickle Cattle and Old Kitty for your comments. It was fun trying to capture the story in 250 words.

  4. What a fun story! I'll beware of twitchy sales women trying to sell me shoes from now on! Congrats (and glad you're better!)

  5. Congrats. Both on feeling better and on getting published.