Sunday, 30 October 2011


Bookworm Bites Back is 1 years old today!
That went quickly.

I started off just posting my short story fiction and then added Hello ramblings this August. I've enjoyed doing both and will continue posting them.

So, how will I be marking the anniversary of Bookworm Bites Back? Well, it's Sunday GMT, and the clocks go back an hour. 

That calls for extra sleep time.

As for the blog, I think I'll start a Bookworm Library and share the books I have read in my next blog year. That'll tie in with the first anniversary being paper (for weddings anyway). I will, however, be including Kindle books.

Keeping a blog and following blogs has been an adventure; showcasing my fiction and thoughts; dipping into the lives of others; offering advice or just reading; discovering new things/ideas. 

Blogs are like windows.
We all like to be nosey.

Thank you all for following Bookworm Bites Back. 
Here's to the next year. 



  1. HAPPY ONE YEAR BLOGEVERSARY!!!!!!!! Awwwww and you get an extra hour in bed too! How brilliant!!

    Yay! Take care