Thursday, 22 September 2011

HELLO Richmond Fontaine

What can I say about this band?

Well, they're from Portland, Oregon (America), and they are classed as an alternative country band. I'd call it rock, but I don't go for pigeon holing. Music is music. When it's good, as Richmond Fontaine are, it's very, very good. This is their new album The High Country, which they played at the gig where I saw them last night. Brilliant story telling from Willy Vlautin, the lead singer (the dude in the red check below). He's also a writer of  books; I have Motel Life on my reading list.

Joining them on the tour were the vocals of Deborah Kelly from The Damnations. Listen to track 4. I think this might ring some bells, ladies.

Before the close, they played some of their old faithful songs. Here's my favourite Post to Wire from the album of the some name.

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