Friday, 16 September 2011

HELLO I'm Sony Ericsson. How Can I Help You?

I have a new mobile.

Thankfully, Hubby sorted it out; it arrived the next day. My daughter said it was like hers and she would help me sort it out.

Well, of course I did want to do my best at first. I’m far from a technophobe, but I couldn’t even put my old Sim in the thing. The x-marks-the-spot was marked by an arrow, but that didn’t help. I looked in the very brief-but-simple instruction leaflet and then resorted to the tinternet. I wanted a video demo, but there wasn’t one. Half an hour later and I’d sussed it out. However, it was getting late and I didn’t have time to check out how to set the wake up alarm, so I retrieved the Sim and replaced it in my old phone. Tut!

Next day, with the Sim in (no problema), Daughter insisted on sorting my phone out. That is; rearranging apps, layout, wallpaper etc. 

What I didn’t get though was the android thing. Does it make tea then? An android, to me, was that sullen fellow, Marvin the Paranoid android, from Hitch-Hiker’s Guide to the Galaxy. A robot with human features. 

Is it just me, or am I just getting old? Who cares? Daughter sorted my phone out, the rest I’ll work out along the way.


  1. I don't have a mobile phone (yay!)!

    It all sounds amazingly complicated to me - apps and things and androids too! Oh dear. In my case, it's defiinitely age! LOL! Enjoy your phone! Take care

  2. Love Marvin! I find new phones are hellishly complex for no reason whatsoever. Am impressed Old Kitty has no mobile!