Friday, 9 September 2011

HELLO Cat On A Warm Greenhouse Roof

I hear today, from Old Kitty, on Ten Lives and Second Chances, that it's Mo Cats Day. And so, I thought I'd post about my feline friend.

He's I rescue cat who's lived with us for 8 years, so he's about 9-10 years old now. When we took him home, we promptly changed his given name to one he could be proud of; we called him Barney. His previous owners had called him Cuddles, which is ironic really, because he's not a cat that likes over friendly petting. As he's got older, he has mellowed some, and tolerates people and other cats; to a point.

As is the nature of cats, Barney comes and he goes. When it rains or when he's hungry, he's at the door waiting. Recently, he's taken it upon himself to bags my plastic greenhouse. I think it's got something to do with the hassle he gets from next door's cat. I'm sure, if I left the zipper up a little, in winter, he'd be in there keeping out of the weather. That, or I'd acquire shelves of neighbourhood cats.


  1. Hello there and hello to adorable Barney!! He looks very happy on top of the greenhouse and I think he is settling in for the winter already!

    Shelves of neighbourhood cats?!?! Yes please!

    Take care

  2. Thanks, Old Kitty. I think hurricane Katia's giving him the run around today.