Sunday, 21 August 2011


Hola. Como estas? Bien.

Ah! Why is it that holiday memories fade so quickly once you get back to work? It's not really the memories that fade, more the experience of being 'away' that does. You are living in another reality. The reality called Holiday.

My Holiday was in Nerja in Spain, about an hours drive from Malaga along the Costa del Sol. We arrived to an Eveready sun, showing out at 30+ degrees; very impressive. Who could tire of the sun? When it got too hot in the shade, we cooled off in the sea or by the pool.

Ice-creams were a daily requirement and who could fault the availability and choice. There was enough to make Willie Wonker jealous, I can assure you. I recommend mango. El helado de mango es bueno. The toasted jamon y queso sandwiches were a good lunchtime snack whilst tapas and fish were great evening meals to end the day.

It is true that reality changes when we are self-indulgent. On Holiday, time stretches. The days are long and one week seems like two, and two weeks like a month. Life outside the Holiday world ticks over as a peripheral  reality, barely acknowledged by us travellers, as we are blinkered by the sun, sea, food and leisure.

And then we have to leave.

Back home to temperate climes, where as each day passes, the stored heat of Spain is sieved from our bodies. By the end of the week, the old thin fleece has emerged from the coat hook.

I'm back to work. Back to the routine. Thinking of the next Holiday.

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