Tuesday, 30 August 2011

HELLO The Wonders Of Plastic

I often wonder, when I am older (much older), if I would wear a certain type of headgear that I saw two ladies wearing the other day.

I was driving through my home town and despite the rain, there were quite a lot of people shopping. It was also market day, so many older residents were about. Two older ladies crossed the road at the traffic lights, each with a couple of plastic bags in hand, full of shopping, and both wear plastic rain scarves.

Those scarves always make me chuckle when I see them. Why are they transparent? It's almost like they're meant to be invisible.

Reminds me of Wonder Woman in her invisible jet plane; there but not really there. Let us all just pretend.


  1. Oh gee. Remember plastic covers on sofas? Hideous!
    I just hold my face up to the rain! Humidity is great for the skin.

  2. Thanks Pamela and Edward.

    People miss a lot with their heads down, walking in the rain. I'm with you there, holding my head high, though I often need a squeegee for my specs.