Friday, 26 August 2011

HELLO I've Got A Doppleganger Machine

Yesterday, I spent the day answering the phone and dealing with concerned carers and their relatives; collegues requesting phone numbers, and making referrals to healthcare professionals. It makes for an interesting respite in the week from visiting patients. It's part of the job; co-ordinating once or twice a month.

When the vists for the next day were allocated, I was told I had quite a high number of patients to see.

I said, 'It's okay. I have a doppleganger machine at home.'

'What's one of them.'

'You know what a doppleganger is?'


'It's someone who looks like you; a double. What I'll do is pass through the machine in the morning and then me and me will be able to get my work done in half the time.'

'Good idea. Don't go through too many times. I won't know which one's really you.'

If only.

But if I did have such a machine, I think I'd sell it to the NHS; get us some more nurses.

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