Tuesday, 23 August 2011

HELLO Bookworm and Kindle

The remnants of my Holiday are lingering in the background. Barely there, really. But, every know an then, I start to recall things I was doing this time last week. One of things I got round to doing was reading.

Being a Bookworm means Holidays are a great thing; free time to get involved in a story or two. I took my Kindle with me this time. When the Kindle (and the like) came out, I do believe I said, 'I will never get one of those. I love the smell and the feel of a book too much to read off an electronic screen, It's something like Ford Prefect's Guide Book; not to the Galaxy, but to the library.' Something like that, anyway. But I got one and I really like the thing.


I'm writing a teen/young adult book and so reading from that range is beneficial. The Kindle means I can read cheaply, without the hassle of storage;

I can go on Holiday with more novels without the worry of weight restrictions;

You can get some real bargains including free books, how good is that!

And lastly, you can have a rummage; morning, noon or night, click 'buy' and ten seconds later you have a book to read.

Here are the books I read on Holiday.

The story of Gwen and Alfie unfolds during Christmas at Alfie's family home, Creake Hall. Gwen, who is alone in the world, becomes involved in her boyfriend's family and their secrets.

I liked this book, set in a house, full of great characters and their untold stories, that Gwen slowly teases out, like the thread from the quilt.

A familiar stranger comes into Caz's life and sets to 'rock' her world. She restores rocking horses and he's a rock star, thought dead for three years. Caz plays detective as she tries to find out who killed Ric.

A fast paced read with a mix of romance, humour, crime and mystery. The characters were easy to love and some I switched alliances as the story drove on.

I'm looking forward to reading another of her books; Replica.

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